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Affiliate user guide

All the guides you need to become a successful Topcontent affiliate 

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We have gathered all the guides you need so that you can easily start promoting Topcontent's digital services and earn commissions quickly.

Creating your account

Learn all the best practices on how to set up your account. 

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Your account must include details in your invoice profile and payment information, otherwise, you will not receive any payments.

Let’s get started:

Create an affiliate account Here. Please select "Affiliate" when you sign up.
Create your invoice profile. Go to "My profile" and select "Invoice profile*". Select your country and fill in your company’s details or your private information. Once you’re done, click "Update invoice profile".
Add your payment method. Go to "My profile" and select "Payment method". Add your payment details, including address, and account information.


Your affiliate link includes your unique ID, that way you can track every new customer you refer. When promoting Topcontent’s services, always use your unique affiliate link to ensure you receive credit for new customers you bring to Topcontent.

A standard affiliate link looks like this: 


Your affiliate link includes a 1-month tracking cookie. This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral, as long as the user registered to Topcontent within 1 month. When your referred user will make their first top-up, you will earn a commission.
To learn more about our commissions, view our commission plans below.

Each link you decide to promote will direct your audience to a specific page on Topcontent, so you’ll have to decide what page that will be. If you don’t know which page suits you best, then Topcontent’s homepage is a great place to start.

Commission plans

When you join the Topcontent affiliate program, you can earn up to 15% commission on all top-ups made by your referrals. Our commission plans are super easy: The more referrals top-up their balance, the bigger the commission you will have. These are our plans:

The default commission on all top-ups is 5%.
If all your referrals reach €10,000, you get 10% on all the above.
If all your referrals reach €50,000, you get 15% on all the above.

Every affiliate year your commission returns down to 5%. The affiliate year starts when your first customer registered an account in our system.

Requesting payment

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is €10 and the transfer fee is €8. Therefore, your balance must be at least €18 to make a transfer. Bank transfer is free for withdrawable balance over €500. Once you’ve reached it, you’ll be able to request your payment at the beginning of the following month.

We make payments once a month, at the end of the month. You will be paid for the requested amount from the 11th of the preceding month until the 10th.

In order get paid, follow the instructions below:

Add your payment method: Go to "My profile" and select "Payment method". Add your payment details, including address, and account information.
Request payment: When you are eligible for payment click on the "Request payment" button.

Payment history

The payment history report displays a summary of your lifetime payments. To view the Payments History Report, follow the steps below:

Go to "Affiliate program".
Select "Payment history".


We have an automatic self-invoice system integrated with your account in Topcontent. This saves you loads of time as you won't need to spend time creating invoices. 

Your invoice is generated automatically upon the transfer of your money. To view your invoices, follow the steps below:

Go to "Earnings"
Select "Invoices"

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Updated on: 16/02/2023

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