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BETA feature: Let the writer choose structure

We have added a feature that lets the writer decide the structure of the content.

When choosing “Let the writer decide” you don’t have to choose a content template. Instead the structure will be chosen by writers and content managers.

Select “Let the writer choose” if you want to try this feature:

Keywords and links will still be added and you will get 100% unique text. The structure will also follow good standards in formatting and readability.

However, you won’t be able to decide the structure (paragraphs and headings etc) of the text.

Due to how our system is built you can’t tell them the writers in the instructions field how to structure the content either. If you want to decide the structure: Choose or create a content template.

And in the review process you can’t ask them to change the structure. This is the BETA part of this feature.

Those requests (change structure in the review process etc) will be added in a later stage. Our dev team is working on it. But it’s not possible now.

Select “I want to decide the exact structure” if you need to decide the structure. And then select a content template.

When to use this:
If you are ordering large volumes of texts and the exact structure is not important. For example text for satellite sites or link articles.

When NOT to use this:
You have a clear understanding of the output you want. The text is going on your main page and following your specific instructions and structure is important.

We hope that you will like this feature.

Updated on: 15/10/2020

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