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Option: Formats

You can choose to download the text in three different formats.


This format will include html code to separate headings, paragraphs and other things. Perfect if you have included links in your order. Just copy paste it into your website.


This format will include only text. No formatting or HTML-code.


This is a word version of the text. Perfect if you need to handle the files in your backend project management tool. Or if you are just used to working with files.

Option: Merge all items into one file

Selecting this will put all selected articles into the same file. Perfect if you want to download an entire order into one file and not several.

If not selected, each article will be in a separate file.

Option: Export template

You can create custom export templates if you want to automatically include extra HTML, or other types of code, between the elements. Often used in combination with static websites or a custom built CMS.

You can create new export templates by heading to the Export Templates section in your account settings. Add any code you want and include shortcodes for the article content. Each shortcode will be replaced by content.

The available shortcodes in export templates are:

{{ title }} - will be replaced by the name of the article.
{{ language }} - will be replaced by the language shortcode
{{ titleSlug }} - will be replaced with a lower case URL slug of the name. For example: “How To Pick The Best Android Phone” will become “how-to-pick-the-best-android-phone”
{{ metaTitle }} - will be replaced with the Title, if any is ordered.
{{ metaDescription }} - will be replaced with the meta description.
{{ body }} - will be replaced with the article.

Updated on: 28/10/2020

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