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How do I exclude words or phrases?

If you have certain words or phrases you don't want translated, please place these triple brackets "[[[ ]]]" around the words to exclude them from the word count. Your translation will be returned back to you with the words in the brackets unchanged. This can also be useful for code comments.

Note: Opening and closing triple brackets must be on the same line.


At [[[Topcontent]]] we work hard to produce the text you need for your websites. During the last five years, we have grown from a small team to a global company with employees in all corners of the world. We have developed a state of the art project managing system that helps us deliver large volumes of text in a cost-efficient manner.


Vi på [[[Topcontent]]] arbetar hårt för att producera texterna du behöver till dina hemsidor. Under de senaste fem åren har vi växt från ett litet team till ett globalt företag med anställda i världens alla hörn. Vi har utvecklat toppmoderna projektledningssystem som hjälper oss att leverera stora volymer av text på ett kostnadseffektivt sätt.

Updated on: 29/09/2020

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