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Topcontent Quality Levels

The purpose of this article is to explain the different content quality levels we offer at Topcontent.

At Topcontent, we offer three different quality levels: Raw Quality (RAW), Standard Quality (SQ) and Business Quality (BQ). Here we’ll explain the difference between the three, and tell which quality we recommend for your content.


Raw Quality = Writer/Translator
Standard Quality = Writer/Translator + Proofreader
Business Quality = Content/Translation Expert + Proofreader + Quality check

The main difference between the quality levels is the quality checking process; Raw Quality writing tasks are not proofread, whereas Business Quality writing has two quality check layers to ensure the highest quality output. In addition, the Business Quality tasks are completed by carefully selected content/translation experts.

Which quality level you should choose

What are your website's objectives?

I need content in high volumes
I’ll publish content on supporting sites

Standard Quality:
I want to improve my SERP positions
I’m trying to get more traffic to my website

Business Quality:
I want to get more traffic to my website
I need content that converts visitors to customers

Where will the content be used?

Satellite sites
Supporting sites
Linking websites

Standard Quality:
Affiliate sites
Blog posts/landing pages aiming to rank with long-tail keywords

Business Quality:
E-commerce websites
Pages or websites you use to get traffic from paid advertising

Updated on: 22/09/2020

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