At Topcontent, we have two quality levels: Standard Quality (SQ) and Business Quality (BQ). Here we’ll explain the difference between the two and which quality we recommend for your content.

A quick rule of thumb:

Quantity over quality = SQ
Quality over quantity = BQ
Quantity and quality = BQ

SQ vs BQ: Content

Standard quality – SQ

Researched text. No spelling or grammar errors. A good choice for bulk volumes, satellite sites, affiliate sites etc.

Business quality – HQ

Text that’s written in order to both drive traffic and increase your conversion rate. These are high-quality texts on which the writer has spent a lot of time and effort. 

Suitable for web sites where you want to convert the visitor to a customer, like a webshop or a marketing money site. Also suitable for more difficult topics where a lot of research is required and you need a straightforward language. 


SQ vs BQ: Translations

Standard quality – SQ

A correct translation. No spelling or grammar errors. A good choice for bulk volumes, satellite sites, etc.

Business quality – BQ

The translator is given more time to make sure the translated text feels natural to read (does not feel translated), but instead feels like it has been written from scratch in the target language. Great for onsite content where high quality is of great importance.

What’s the difference?

The biggest difference between the two levels is that the writers get more time to provide a more natural flowing translation when choosing the BQ quality. They don’t only translate, they also rewrite sentences to make sure they feel like they’ve been written in the target language, and not translated. The standard quality option is, of course, technically correct and without spelling or grammar mistakes, but without any major rebuilding of sentence structure.
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