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What are your payment methods and terms?

The benefits of ordering with Topcontent are:

no minimums and no additional fees
pay the exact price or top-up for multiple orders
simple payments via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer

For more details and our refund policy, please see our Terms and conditions and this Privacy policy page.

Topcontent has multiple methods for hassle-free payments:

1. PayPal

With the  PayPal option, you'll be presented with a popup window where you can log in and pay with your PayPal account.

You can also pay with a credit card (handled by PayPal**). Depending on your location, different credit cards may be available.

** PayPal may ask you to create an account while paying with credit card.

2. Credit card

We support all major credit cards, including:

To pay with your Credit card, simply enter your credit card information and click the blue "Pay" button:


3. Bank transfer



How can I pay for my order?

Once you create your order, choose your desired payment option (Credit card or PayPal) and click the red "Confirm Order & Pay" button: 


Can I add credits to my account for multiple orders?

You can purchase credits for any future orders via our Top-up page. You can top-up several set amounts starting from $5.00 and up to $8,000.00, with both Credit card or PayPal.


Can I pay in a currency other than US dollar?


Do you offer enterprise solutions?

Yes, we do. If your project is substantial, please reach out to an account manager for enterprise solutions.

Updated on: 22/09/2020

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